Poster Artist


“Fly Away”-  by Austin Baldauf, Poster Artist for the Winter Springs Festival of the Arts – ARToberFEST 2017

Austin Baldauf, from the young age of six, has had the opportunity to tour art shows with his father, Stephen Baldauf, and with it developed a love for art and festivals. While Stephen would sell his works, Austin would draw or paint anything that would come to mind and sell it on the sidewalk for “anything you like to give me”. At the time, he would get 5 or 10 dollars and maybe a tip, beginning his art career and gathering the experience of living an art show lifestyle. Years went by and under the guidance of his father, Austin applied for his first show, The Winter Springs festival of the Arts.


Austin has been professionally doing shows now as a “self-proclaimed artist” for about six years, finding an art style all his own. Starting with very little material, Austin would paint on scrap pieces of wood, or leftovers from his father’s efforts. Eventually, he found a method in cobbling scraps into treasures straight out of storybooks, giving rise to his unique mixed media style. From painting on top of book pages telling a story that is within, to scenes straight from the imagination of someone’s dreams, Austin’s art aims to captivate the minds of both the young and old.


Austin Baldauf

(407) 617-2516