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Artist: Charles Gatewood

Born in central, rural Mississippi in 1941, Charles Gatewood graduated from Art  Center School in Los Angeles (now Art Center College of Design in Pasadena) with a degree in Industrial Design and worked with the General Motors Design Staff at their Technical Center, for over eleven years. Upon leaving General Motors, he and his family moved to Phenix City, Alabama, where he has lived and worked as a full-time painter for over thirty years.

Early works were done in water color or acrylic. There were also a number of silver point drawings. Charles later began painting with egg tempera, preparing his panels with his own gesso mixture as well as mixing his own paint using pure pigment in powdered form combined with egg yolk which he thinned with water. He now works completely in oil.

While his works are representational, they are not representations of any one particular place, but rather are images from Charles’ imagination in combination with places he has seen in reality or in dreams.


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