Chelsea Smith

My daughter is Chelsea Smith, a young local artist who was featured in an Orlando Sentinel article for levering her artwork to raise money for pet rescues.







It was at this same time that she met hyper-realist artist Jeff Eckert (http://www.jeffeckertpencilart.com/ ), who spend considerable time reviewing her artwork, making suggestions and encouraging her to return the following year. Over the following years Chelsea continued to raise money for pet rescues by selling artwork and contributing 100% of the proceeds.

Chelsea’s artwork for pet rescue fundraising reached many celebrities:






From left to right: Rob Thomas from Matchbox 20, Johnny Marr from The Smiths, GooGoo Dolls, and artist Peter Mas.

Oprah Winfrey show “Where are they now” has her Adam Ant artwork in background.



Chelsea even received a kind note from President Obama for her sketch of the 1st Pet “Bo”:


The fundraising activities has resulted in Chelsea spending countless hours creating pet sketches that in turn honed her artistic skills and along with her exceptional volunteerism help land Chelsea the Dora Lee Russell Scholarship. She has recently graduated from UCF with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

The Winter Springs Chamber sponsored Chelsea as a student artist at ARToberFEST last year in 2014.


This was Chelsea’s very first art festival show and she was able to participate in a show with her long time artistic mentor hyper-realist artist Jeff Eckert, who is a extraordinary individual in sharing deep and meaningful relationships with many of the folks that visit the art festivals year after year.

This year’s 2015 Winter Springs ARToberFEST realized a lifelong dream for Chelsea to participate as a professional artist alongside her mentor – Jeff Eckert. Chelsea’s artwork was selected for judging and she won a Merit Award alongside her mentor Jeff Eckert.


The Winter Springs Chamber of Commerce deserve credit for providing the opportunity of young local artists to participate as children and students within their Art Festivals, which impact lives in a very profound and meaningful way.

You are to be congratulated for your efforts.

Thanks and kind Regards,

Randall Smith



Tim Ludwig testimonial

I have participated in the Winter Springs Festival of the Arts since its inaugural year. The show has grown each year and the quality of the art is also improving. The show’s committee has been very cooperative with the needs of the artist and the patrons. It is a very relaxing event for both the artist and the viewer. There is good quality artwork available for the patrons.  For more photos go to www.timludwigclayart.com.



Mel in studio

The Winter Springs Festival of the Arts is such a pleasure, great people and enthusiastic  patrons. The  Artist hospitality is like family…  ie  great food & friends…be there….Melissa.




I have had the pleasure of participating  in the Winter Springs Festival of the Arts. Each year the staff has made the event fun and easy to set up and break-down. So much is offered to the artists, the artist dinner is great and it is wonderful to see our friends. I look forward to Winter Springs and participating in a well run and organized art festival.

Judith Wood





Bill and JonThis is a fun event for everyone, filled with quality artists from around the country. Great location, entertainment, and food. Come see our new glass sculptures at the 6th Annual Winter Springs Festival of the Arts. See you there.

Bill & Jon Slade

Slade Glass